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About Us

Ulana's original Hawaiian alpaca rugs are inspired by traditional Hawaiian motifs and Hawaii's natural beauty.  They are hand made in Peru using luxuriously soft alpaca, silk/alpaca, or sheep's wool.

Ulana's founder, Dianne Boucher, lived in Peru for three years. There she learned about the qualities that make alpaca superior to sheep's wool. Dianne forged relationships with several Peruvian alpaca weavers and vowed that she would introduce this phenomenal textile to lovers of fine carpets everywhere.

Now living on Hawaii's Big Island, Dianne designs exquisite alpaca rugs that reflect the unique character of her home. Ulana Handcrafted Rugs blend superior quality with customized designs to fit your particular needs and tastes.  Every Ulana rug is a unique, handmade work of art.


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