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We are Ulana, weavers dedicated to creating fine, custom carpets. In the Hawaiian language, ulana means weaving. Ulana Handcrafted Rugs specializes in designing and crafting exquisite, high quality carpets from your choice of either 100 percent alpaca, silk/alpaca blend, alpaca/highland wool blend, or 100 percent highland wool.  Choose from one of our Hawaiian-inspired designs or work with us to design your own custom creation.


Elegant  -  Custom  -  Heirloom


Hapuna finished_edited_edited.jpg

Moana Collection



Our Moana Collection conveys the power and allure of Hawaii's oceans.

Autumn Patio_edited.jpg

Lau Collection


From rain forests to lava deserts, Hawaii's plant life is amazingly diverse.  Our Lau Collection spotlights Hawaii's captivating foliage.


Makaloa Collection


Traditional Hawaiian homes often used mats for floor coverings.  Our Makaloa Collection updates this look for today's lifestyles.

Lau Hala Patio_edited.jpg

Lau Hala Collection


Our Lau Hala Collection brings the beauty of traditional Hawaiian baskets to your floors.


Persian Collection

Our authentic, new Persian rugs are exquisite works of art in wool, silk, or silk/wool blends from centuries-old, world famous rug centers. They are hand knotted in Persia by expert craftsmen renowned for their skill and precision.


Geometric Collection


Hawaii's rich heritage of using patterns to adorn a variety of items is reflected in our Geometric Collection. 

Purple Orchid.jpg

Pua Collection

Tropical flowers are iconically Hawaiian, and our Pua Collection highlights their presence on the islands and in your home.

Triangle Cape_edited.jpg

Ali'i Collection

Inspired by Hawaii's kings, our Ali'i Collection features bold designs.


Na Koa Collection


Our Na Kona Collection pays homage to Hawaii's proud and fierce warriors.

Kabul Silk.png

Afghan Collection

Bold, tribal selections highlight our Afghan Collection. We offer them in a  variety of designs and qualities.

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